Lantern Pendant Lights

This pendant chandelier was inspired by Buddhist paper lanterns that rise to the sky under the power of a single candle, ultimately burning to ash hundreds of feet in the air. All three cylindrical lamps hang delightfully askew, as though they are floating away.

Unlit, these pendant lights are defined by crisp geometry and a sense of visual depth. When switched on, the color and grain of the wood becomes most prominent. Light shines through both the translucent white interior and through the veneer, emitting a warm-colored glow.

Can be produced as a single chandelier or as separate pendant lamps to be arranged in-situ.

Reinforced wood veneer
Wooden top caps and chandelier canopy
UL Listed porcelain candelabra-base sockets
LED bulb

Dimensions 3" and 4" diameter cylinders

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