Gorgon Chandelier

The Gorgon lamp consists of organically curving copper tube and custom-spun socket covers that appear to be growing like seedling shoots from a central canopy. Or they look like snakes from the scalp of Medusa. You decide.

Either way, these are gorgeous one-of-a-kind copper lighting fixtures, available to be customized for a particular space.
Think of the possibilities: orient some of the bulbs for task lighting, include a touch-activated switch, make the lights "grow" along the wall or around architectural details, etc. etc.

Available ceiling flush-mounted (shown) or as a low-hung chandelier.



Brushed copper, brass connectors, porcelain E12-base sockets. Available unfinished or lacquered.
(unfinished copper will naturally patina to dark brown).


Base cost of $450, plus $110 per bulb instance (unfinished), or $120 (lacquered).
    Ex. A lacquered lamp with 11 instances in a lacquered finish = $450 + ($120 x 11) = $1770 total

Add $300 to base cost for low-hung chandelier.