Decomposition Cocktail Table

This coffee table was inspired by the decomposition of a digital image. It captures the fragility of digital information and translates that notion into a robust physical form. I like the juxtapositions of lightness and weight, movement and solidity, digital and material, as the coherent, ordered tabletop falls to the ground in an organic, yet pixelated formation, becoming one of the legs of the table.

The remaining two legs are made from 3/8" thick P&O steel plate, welded to mounting brackets and bolted into recessed mortises on the underside of the table. Two square steel tubes are also mounted into recessed slots to provide additional strength and stiffness to the surface.

This table was shown at Digital Promises, a participating exhibition in the 2014 Toronto Design Offsite Festival, of which I am the lead curator.

The design has since been re-worked into "Decomposition 2", with the addition of blocks that appear to tip and twist as they fall to the floor. Combined with an acrylic base, this table really does give the illusion of a slab of wood crumbling apart!



Decomposition #1: Walnut, 3/8" steel plate, oil finish.

Decomposition #2: Walnut, acrylic, lacquer finish


#1: 19"w x 52"l x 17"h

#2: 28" x 38" x 17"h


Starts at $4800. Please contact for custom species, dimensions or finishes.